This is the list of songs that I know how to play. To request a song, use the "Request A Song!" channel point redeem option. Find the song you want and enter the artist and song name into the text box of the redemption. Users can also request a song for me to learn but this can only be redeemed once per stream and is very expensive. If you want to learn how to earn channel points, see the bottom of the page. This list is ever expanding.

Updated: 3/24

(New!) - Songs that have been added in the last update

(Hot!) - Frequently requested songs on stream

(Unreleased) - Tracks that are unreleased by me or another artist




Billie Eilish

Jon Bellion

Twenty One Pilots

Panic! At The Disco

The Beatles


Post Malone 

League of Legends

Various Artists (New)

The following list describes different ways Channel points can be earned. Make sure you are logged into your Twitch Account!

Being subscribed to the channel increases your rate of earning. Visit the Twitch channel for more information regarding Twitch Subscriptions.

Tier 1: 1.2x multiplier for watching.

Tier 2: 1.4x multiplier for watching.

Tier 3: 2x multiplier for watching.

As a broadcaster, Twitch has given me no control over users earning channel points and the moderation of such currency. The only options I have are to accept or reject redemptions and set option prices.

To request a song, view the large list below! If you find an artist you know, you can open that drop down menu to see all the songs I know from them.

Alternatively, you can use the search button on the top right of this website and search any song, artist, or even the lyrics! If I know how to play it, the page for that song will show up! You can also view the page to sing or play along!

After you figure out what song you want to hear, use the Channel Points option in Twitch Chat and select "Request A Song!" then type the song name or number in the redeem section!

Rules for my chat are as follows:

Christmas Songs

"Learn Song Request" List (Redeem on hold)


IN PROGRESS (on hold)