Dual Agent


F Fm

Hold me tight and I won't fight

Am D

Even if I've got my light

Dm G C Cmaj7

Take that flight and see me

F Fm

Though I'll make it through the night

Am D

I feel like I could be bright

Dm G C

Take that flight and see me

Fadd2 Fm

Though I know, yes I know

C Cmaj7

That I'll be fine.

Fadd2 Fmadd6

But why oh why do I go

C Cadd2

Deep in my mind

C Cmaj7

When I look inside I find it nice

F Fm6

I don't even have to think twice

Eb C Cmaj7

And I'm the nicest thing for the right price

F Fm C

Cause I'm buyer and seller, I'm setting the price, just right