All regular bookings are ON HOLD

If you still wish to book me, it must be a paid booking!

Contact me for more information.

To book me for a performance, message me directly on Twitter, Discord (im_naku), or via email at

I'm always open and willing to check out any and all venues! Please don't hesitate to invite me to attend your event. In regards to booking, I usually prefer to see a scheduled event from a venue before I'm booked to perform there. For club / EDM venues, my preferred set lengths are between 30 minutes to an hour. For piano bookings, contact me directly as times can vary vastly as to reach the needs of an event. My timezone is ET (UTC -5) and I prefer late night performances but any time should work for me with enough preparation. My preferred streaming service for in world broadcasting is VRCDN. Please note that I can not use Twitch for DJing streams as to avoid any complication with their Terms of Services. Examples of possible bookings could be for birthdays, social gatherings, specific music venues, club environments, or anything really!

Paid venues take priority over all bookings.

If payment is offered, details will be discussed further in private messaging.

For more information, reach out to me at my Twitter, email, or Discord (im_naku). From here we can discuss any and all details in regards to possible bookings.