We Should Be Taking One Step At A Time


Walking down my street

I said I'm leaving

You said be happy

That's what I did

Sorry for breaking

Promises lately

You wanted a ring

I don't want kids

Was I just faking

Feelings are aching

I hope you're happy

I know I am

So now I'm waiting

Waiting for something

You said you're angry

Don't give a damn

And I'm sorry I lied, even though I had cried

When this all started out, we were naive in mind

When your passion was nigh, it did not reach my eye

And that's nobody's fault except mine

Now I am sitting

With someone nice

She doesn't judge me

When I'm not kind

It's hard to believe me

She's way too bright

All of these feelings

I think they're right

I hope she loves me

Does she think twice

Sorry for doubting

That's just my vice

So I keep thinking

Maybe a wife

What am I saying

I should be waiting

We should be taking one step at a time