I just wanna stay at home

I don't wanna go alone

I just wanna eat some scones

Can you blame me

I don't wanna go to work

I don't wanna fake my smirk

I just wanna make sugar

Can you blame me

Cause we are people looking people looking for a people person

with a passion for our fashion and another one to fasten

To eat a couple cupcakes with a cobbler and some coffee

That would pair together nicely with an icee and a toffee

So many foods, all I could choose

Salad or fruits, bamboo shoots

Sushi too, through and through

Despite all this, I want you

I don't wanna be alone

I just wanna be your home

I can't find a rhyme for scones

Can you blame me

I think we can make it work

I don't have to fake my smirk

You can be my sweet sugar

Can you blame me

Stay inside I'll be so good to you

I'll make your food