How to join a virtual venue

Download and install Steam

Install VRChat

After you create and account, you can either join VRChat groups pertaining to venues or join off a friend who is currently at a venue.

You can add my profile to be able to join venues that I am at.

Click here for a list of notable venue groups to join.

VRChat groups can create group instances. Anyone in that group can join that instance.

A virtual reality headset is not required to attend most events; however, many events are not compatible with the Quest 2 / MetaQuest 2. Currently, many venues focus on PC venues so in order to join, you'll have to be either in desktop (normally launching the game from your PC) or using a PCVR device. Instances in VRChat have a player limit. If an instance is full, you'll have to join the queue and wait to join! Check out venue posters and try to get in before the start time!

If you have any more questions regarding joining, feel free to contact me on my Twitter or Discord! (@im_naku)

The easiest way to get exposed to various VRChat venues is to visit the VRChat Party Hub.

Down below is a list of notable and frequently consistent venues to join.

When events are active, you'll be able to join the group instance.

You can always join me if I am online and performing somewhere too.