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Long story short, I'm a full time musician based in Virtual Reality.

Many musicians in real life find it difficult to find consistent venues to perform for. Usually, musical performances are kept to special events or temporary tours / shows. This leads many musicians to do something called busking. Busking is the act of performing in public places, generally for monetary donations. This allows for some full time musicians to continually perform. This includes me; however, I busk in Virtual Reality (Primarily VRChat). The advantage of that is being able to perform from the comfort of my own home and easily relocate to new locations. I don't have to move a bunch of music equipment- I can just teleport to a new world with new users! Just a quick summary for this- VRChat is an online virtual world platform. All worlds are created by users and users and freely join anyone's world. People can also create their own avatars. I personally created my own avatar to look like myself in real life. It also includes my piano- so no matter the world, I can have my piano and microphone! On that note...

During my public performances, I play piano and sing while broadcasting on Twitch. My stream can be found here. Users in the chat can use channel points to request specific songs found on my song list! You can also use !join in chat to listen to me in person (virtually)! When joining, keep in mind that I play in public worlds. Anyone can say anything and behave in any way they want. The added anonymity of being online tends to inspire people to say some heinous things. Luckily, VRChat has the wonderful option to mute and block anyone! If you see someone being negative- don't worry about it! I meet more good apples than the spoiled bad ones.

My public streams are only one part of my music endeavors. I also perform in the VRDJ scene. This has it's own entire story for another time- so I'll sum it up real quick. There are specific venues that entirely focus on the music experience. Live DJs spin and mix to crowds of VR users. Sometimes I include my piano / vocals in my DJ performances! If you want to learn more about the VRDJ scene, reach out to me! I love expressing my passion for it and I'll gladly show you around.

Alright- that's enough about my stream and performances- This is a bio page after all. Let me talk more about myself.

My actual name is Jesse. Music has always been my passion. Mainly because my parents forced me and my siblings to take piano lessons at very young ages. We honestly hated going to these as children but I'm super grateful that they made us go. After graduating high school, I knew I couldn't dive straight into music so I kept streaming and performing as a hobby and dove into the healthcare field. I got my start as a streamer with entertainment content within VRChat. I was the first VRChat streamer to broadcast as a "VRChat Vlogger." Basically, I made an overlay that looked like a mobile live stream IN VR and the perspective of chat was always from my hand as if I was holding a phone. The unique perspective helped me establish my own community! Anyways- I worked as a Nurse for about 3 years before being able to dive into full time content creation. So much has happened- but all you need to know is that I eventually transitioned my entertainment focused content to music which was my goal all along. Now I'm able to perform for various users in VRChat and earn a living through my original music, VR bookings, DJ gigs, and subscriptions.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me- if you have any other questions or want to learn more, feel free to reach out to me! I try my best to respond to everyone whenver I can. If I miss your message- just message me again!! I promise I don't mean to miss so many replies šŸ˜­