Nurtured is a yearly music festival ran in VRChat. It was originally created to celebrate the release of Porter Robinson's album Nurture; however, turned into a musical experience to show how Porter has inspired many of the musicians and DJs within the VRChat Community. This venue is a non-profit community ran passion project. This year is Nurtured 3 and will most likely be the final iteration of the event. If you are interested in assisting in future events or venues, feel free to contact me through any of my links.

To join the event, be in my VRChat group! The event will take place in the official im_naku group instance. If you've never heard of VRChat and are interested in joining, click here (Coming soon)!

Event takes place APRIL 26 - APRIL 28

Doors open at  2:30 PM EASTERN

You can purchase priority queue in the official VRChat shop.

Please be aware that purchasing priority queue DOES NOT guarantee you a spot in the Nurtured 3 main instance. Depending on user activity, there might be a queue for the priority queue! The best way to ensure main instance attendance is to join early when doors open! This event WILL be multi instance, so users not in main will still be able to listen to the DJs and watch the experience from the stream or in world!